Upper Antelope Canyon & Horse Shoe Bend

Lower and upper Antelope canyons are both located in Page Arizona and are truly amazing sights to see. They were formed through mainly flash flooding. The water moved through the sandstone so rapidly and picking up speeds as it rushed into the canyon and narrow passageways, it shaped and carved away at the walls. Creating an unbelievable wonder to see.

Lower Antelope canyon didn’t seem as high stress to make a reservation as the upper canyon. I would definitely recommend making reservations. I drove 3.5 hours knowing they were sold out but you can be put on a waiting list. Luckily my perseverance paid off. I barely got in..but I got in! These canyons are also quite a bit more expensive. It was $40 for an adult and $20 for a child plus the $8 permit fee for every person. Maybe because there’s driving involved on this one. You spend about 20 minutes in drive time getting to and from the canyon, then walk through from there.

The whole ordeal took just under an hour and a half, including the driving. The longest part is walking through and taking pictures and when you get to the end you have to walk back through again. Once finally getting into the canyon it is absolutely mesmerizing! Just as beautiful as the lower canyon. I would say one of the few differences is it did seem way more crowded and some points got pretty narrow. The crowds bothered me more than anything. Five years ago I may not have even opted for the tour but I find myself pushing through things more and more just to be able to see and experience new things. I enjoyed seeing the canyon, however I was a little relieved upon coming out!

Just like lower canyon they point out designs and shapes in the walls and rocks. People, animals, a spot where Microsoft windows used a picture for their software, and a million dollar shot that made a photographer very wealthy! With its stunning beauty that doesn’t surprise me at all.

All in all it was an amazing experience to see. It truly is pure beauty on the insides of those canyons. Some things I’d recommend:

*Bring cash!! When I called the morning of, the lady said they took cards, then when I got there it said cash only in huge letters. Apparently they over used their debit card machine? And then she said all ATM’s were out of cash to. So to be on the safe side maybe have both cash and card on you.

*They don’t let you take any bags at all on the tour; purses, back packs, camel packs, nothing. Just a bottle of water and your camera. I would bring water for sure! They were selling them for $2 a bottle but could sell out. I would try to be prepared with your own just in case as it is warm down there.

Other than that, enjoy the scenery and views. There are some amazing things Arizona has to offer. If your prepared right and plan your trip right it’ll always be well worth your time.

Some things are close enough to see more than one thing, in one day. If you have time, it would be well worth it to stop by and see Horse shoe bend about ten minutes away from upper antelope canyon. I can’t decide what was more beautiful between the two!! I’m almost leaning towards Horse shoe bend.

It was very hot out and this place you will do a small trek to the rim. It is just under a mile to get there and it starts off immediately uphill. A lady on my canyon tour had seen this spot prior and said one person already had collapsed and people were asking for a doctor. So keep the heat in mind always!

Once reaching the point you can walk the rim and enjoy pictures of all angles. If you’re willing to walk around you can get more secluded and escape the crowds and just sit and take it in and get those beautiful pictures you came for.  I will be going back for sure hopefully to catch a sunrise or sunset. It was absolutely breathtaking!! I can’t even imagine it during one of our amazing Arizona sunrises or sets!!

Some things to keep in mind:

*This was definitely more strenuous of a hike if you’re not an active person. It was sand the whole way with some good hills. Water is a must. Even a camel pack would be best if you have one to be hands free.

*Take your time. My total mileage was 1.8 miles. I parked off the road before the parking lot  and that also includes walking  around the rim some. So it’s really not that bad at all. Just be wise about it and carry water and sunscreen.

Again though, the stunning beauty was well worth it. I cannot wait to go back and see it in different light. It was very peaceful there despite the crowds. Thankfully the rim is wide enough to escape some of the people if you’re willing to walk or climb some to higher points.

Upper and lower Antelope canyon are well worth the visit as well as Horse shoe bend. You could squeeze them all in, in one day and have an amazing day of sight seeing, rewarding pictures, and memories forever!

Some contact information for upper antelope canyon;

Navajoantelopecanyon.com (928)380-1874

navajotours.com (928)698-3384

antelope canyon.com (928)645-9102

walking back to the parking lot.

 walking to horse shoe rim

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  1. Hey Jess! It’s Sarah, the Canadian from your upper Antelope Canyon tour! I am loving your blog and it was so wonderful to meet you! Keep exploring and keep sharing- your adventures are infectious!!! Cheers, ~Sarah 🙂

    1. So good to hear from you!! Thank you so much!! Hope you made it home safe and it was so nice to meet you. I rarely meet others out seeing the sights alone like we were!! Keep in touch!! Jessie 😊

  2. Absolutely! And I agree- solo adventure is surprisingly unique! I found an organization called the Solo Travel Society. You would love it! Talk soon and keep on writing- your blog is fantastic!

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