Arizona’s waterfall spring time drive

Everyone loves a good fall drive. I’d be lying of I said I didn’t! I took one with my kids last fall from Flagstaff through Sedona that was breath-taking!  But what if I told you Arizona has a spring drive that could knock your socks off! From the mountains of Flagstaff to the pines in Williams and mixed terrains in Prescott, you could spend a day driving and hanging out with some waterfalls!! Everything comes to life in the spring including our blooming flowers, thriving cactus, and flowing falls! This could be a drive to remember forever!

If you want to start with the biggest that puts us at #1; the Grand Falls!

Located 30 miles East of Flagstaff and down a dirt road, you’ll get to feast your eyes upon Colorado river’s “chocolate falls.” Tucked away on Navajo nation land and known for its many tiers of water and wide stance, sits Arizona’s Grand falls!

This waterfall thrives in the spring from the snow melt off the mountains and is best seen in March and April. It will dry up with a short chance of seeing it during monsoon season.  There are picnic tables above the falls to eat and take in the views before you walk to the bottom and see the views of this beauty from ground zero! Its been said there’s a hiking permit required but when I called the lady told me it’s not needed. I went without one and was just fine. I also read there are difficulties getting there on the dirt roads. I think a car could get there no problem. I didn’t go during monsoon season where the road was muddy but it was a smooth clear main dirt road. This is one I’d take my time at and enjoy the views as it’s truly breath-taking!

Your next stop is going to be an exit off the 40 outside of Williams. As you make your way towards Prescott for your final fall. This next one has its own uniqueness and beauty surrounded by pine trees and truly in the heart of the woods. The landscaped beauty of this one starts way before you even reach the falls. Dont be surprised if you see deer and elk wandering through as you make your way along the garland prairie dirt road. You will soon see signs for sycamore canyon and see a trailhead  and parking. This is also a very well-known area for rock climbers, and known also as paradise forks. Upon parking you will walk down the stairs and stay to your right. You’ll see the rim right there and as soon as you get to the edge you see this stunning falls!

You can walk around and get on top as well as both sides of the falls. As well as descend some down a ways. You will need climbing gear to get to the bottom though. There is also a hiking trail around the area as well, but I did not get to take it. The smell of pines in the forest and beautiful scenery compliments perfectly the sycamore canyon falls. You will leave here feeling refreshed and maybe itching for a camping trip!

As you make your way back to interstate 40 you’re going to get on the 89 and head towards Prescott. This one is more tucked away and the locals little secret. I set off in search the first time and did an unsuccessful five-mile loop. The second time I set out I ended up doing a 7 mile loop and if it wasn’t for an elderly lady I came across in the woods to direct me the last ten minute stretch I’d have never found it. I’ve put 12 miles into looking for this wolf creek falls and come to find out you can park within a quarter-mile of it.

This one you will climb down a bit of a hillside. It can be slippery so be careful, especially with kids or dogs pulling on a leash. I love this one as its local for me and nice to go sit at to get away for a while. Its my local little get away I never get tired of. This one as well though does dry up until monsoon season.

This fall you can view from the top as well as the bottom with breath-taking views from any angle.

So what are you waiting for, Spring? This will be one Spring drive that will no doubt leave your soul feeling recharged and your mind full of new memories. Those fall scenic drives get all the credit for their beauty, but now you can say you’ve been on a Spring drive full of Arizona’s waterfalls!