Hunting with your kids!

Memories and experiences of a lifetime!

It’s almost that time of year; fall is around the corner and so is hunting season. I found it only fitting to write about one of my all time favorite things to do: hunting!

Being in the great outdoors brings me peace and a sense of feeling at home. It calms my soul! I crave the openness and unparalleled beauty and can’t get enough of it. Hiking to a hill to glass, I could sit for hours to try to spot animals, or locating and trying to stalk! Even driving familiar dirt roads to the middle of nowhere. You’ll find mother nature breath-taking!!

Morning views looking for deer
Turkey hunting at prime time!


Stumbled across a stream hunting on a cold winter day!

To me hunting is the whole package deal; including going home empty-handed! More times than not, you may show up empty handed..especially me it seems!! (Haha) but if we did it for the kill, most would give up!

I’ve noticed over the last year venturing out on my own and teaching myself; that at times I’d feel frustrated thinking I really can’t do this – to looking back a year ago today and realizing what I have gained. I am less fearful of venturing out further, more prepared and equipped to be out, I definitely pay more attention to my surroundings and noises, and I always listen to my gut. Looking back I realize I have gained more than I thought. 

One of those gains is the relationships I’ve built with my children. Each one has gone out with me at different times either scouting or hunting. I remember one morning with my oldest daughter bow hunting we were glassing for a while and she was making a fort behind me. She wasn’t much help but we enjoyed the morning together and had a great bonding time.

We can even learn from watching our kids and how they interact with being outdoors!

Another time with my youngest daughter we were climbing a hill and we started to get dumped on!  She was 9 at the time and was so excited to range for me. It started pouring down more and more so we found a spot with a little bit of shelter to try to sit it out. But it got worse and we got drenched. She started to panick that it was going to flood. Which still makes me laugh some. Those Arizona monsoons scare her some. So we decided to head back and it was so wet and muddy she slid nearly all the way down the hill. I couldn’t help but laugh as I was trying to keep her calm. Memories we’ll both have forever!!

They need to learn its OK to be outside of their comfort zones. Sometimes you’re going to be cold wet and muddy, but you’ll be OK!
Sometimes scouting trips may turn into not seeing anything but still get excited over finding deer poop, fighting bugs and taking in the sights!

Now my son, my little man, he goes with me the most. We have turkey hunted our rear ends off! He finally got a shot off this year but missed. He has been out numerous times archery hunting with me (that’s my favorite)  and we both finally got our first deers one evening rifle hunting within minutes apart. Granted it wasn’t just him and me that time as Jacob’s dad was there as well. That evening we had sat where I shot at a deer that morning. This time a hiker came and pushed us out, so we walked further up. Jacob was ahead of us and all of a sudden had spotted deer. We were back always and couldn’t step out to see. Jacob said ones a buck and can he shoot. I was excited to see my son make this call on his own. He knows; don’t hit a doe, he knows there could be a bigger buck around the corner, or that this could also be his only chance. So I said let him shoot if he wants, he needs to make the call. I wanted to see my son do what he felt was right and use his own judgment. Jacob had his rifle positioned and resting on a tree limb, steadied himself and fired. The look on his face when he turned around was priceless. He just dropped his first buck at 200 Yards.

We finally step out, just in time to see a bigger buck step out. Well Jacob made the call on his own to not wait (haha) and gave me the bigger buck. He stepped out and gave me time to get into position, aim, and it was then and there I also got my first buck. Now these were by no means anything impressive or trophy bucks, but they were fresh meat in the freezer to feed our family and that’s rewarding in itself. It took us well into the night to pack them both out but it was a truly neat experience to watch my boy be a young man.

Memories you have forever!

I continue to take my kids out as often as I can. It has really built such a bond between me and them, especially my boy who is so critical at his age of 14. There is nothing more rewarding than having a text come across your phone from your boy asking if you’ll take him fishing or hunting. I can’t get loaded up fast enough! The memories we share and pictures alongside will never be forgotten and hopefully as I get older, my son will still come home for visits and take his old mom out hunting.


For a mom, bonding with your teenage son is critical. Doing what they love with them creates more respect then you’d realize!

People forget the importance I think that even teenagers still need to be guided, need to learn and need that positive influence from us parents and not given up on. They’re still our responsibility and we need to show them what we can while we can. Yes hunting with mom is not the same as I’m sure as father and son. But I can guarantee, there will be way more pictures, (haha) and some pretty good-hearted laughs. It will always be an experience to learn from and become better for the next outing. Never stop learning. Get your kids outdoors! Hunting, hiking, fishing, camping, there’s an outdoor activity for anyone. Pick your favorite, grab your kids and go make memories. Sometimes being silly and seeing them laugh and smile like the video below…is all they need just like us adults!