Glassford summit trail

Coming into Prescott there’s a ton of things to do. Hundreds of hiking or biking trails, summits to reach the top of, trails to run, all the way down to kayaking and fishing on several beautiful lakes. If it’s some good summit climbs you’re after to get the blood pumping and heart going; there’s a perfect little hillside just waiting for you.

Glassford summit trail is one to not disappoint. Technically located in Prescott Valley just outside of Prescott and carries views for miles and miles. This was once known as bald mountain and named after colonel William A. Glassford, and is an extinct volcano that is claimed to have been a violent volcano. It rises to 6,177 feet and over 12 million years ago covered the area with basalt and ash.

This trail is rated as difficult. Over 4 miles round trip and close to 1000′ elevation gain; it is the perfect morning cardio rush for any active person. For an even greater challenge ride your bike up to the top. I only made it a mile as it is ruthless and unforgiving, but coming down sure was fun.

Upon reaching the top as well as along the way there are picnic tables to rest and take in the views.

A picnic table sits on the way up with views to take in
Some facts and history at the top
A view from the top

I would say most fitness levels could take on┬áthis extinct volcano. My nine-year old daughter did it with me and I’ve seen people who looked close to 70s up there. It’s a matter of not pushing yourself too hard, knowing your limits, and rest when needed. There are definitely longer steeper hikes up here, but this one is great if you’re short on time. I’ve done it running in just under an hour. The mileage is shorter and for the most part, pretty friendly hikers along the way.

Animals have been spotted such as deer or javelina and even snakes. And if you get up there at the right time, you’ll catch a sunrise or sunset that would never disappoint!!